peter dunhamRemember when luxury in home interiors made for stuffy, uncomfortable rooms that were seldom used? Well, that was the ideal of yesteryear. Rooms to use for entertaining only, that the rest of the time just sat there looking pretty.

P& Window Fashions Block Print Kinen Room View


In new homes, and remodels, the formal dining rooms and living rooms of yesteryear are slowly disappearing. In their place, are open spaces that more are suitable for the way we live our lives today. The idea is to use every space, to enjoy the full use of the house.p&dWindowpeter-dunhamwovenshades

My favorite design for these spaces? This changes for me every few years. I like keeping things relevant and fresh. There is always change happening in my house. I find this keeps me, at least in my mind: interested, relevant, “happening” and young. But for now, I’m enjoying the global, worldly, bohemian look. Woven shades and linen fabrics on the windows, block print textiles, simple light fixtures, clean colors. Things of Indian, East Asian, African, French, Brit origin are among my favorites. The cohesive element always being comfort.


Coco Chanel said it best : ” If it’s not comfortable, it’s not luxury.”




Casual, Comfortable Luxury


Those of us that have undertaken a home remodel recently, or a room redesign, will not have it too far out of mind : the final touches, the accessorizing, the little things that complete and bring together the entire design process – can prove to be a touch more complicated than it originally seemed.

It really oughtn’t be, and with the help of the right designer, it isn’t.

Accessorizing in interior design is an art-form, and the best firms will have a dedicated talent just for this aspect of their design projects.  A person with an eye for beauty, for history, scale and proper placement – that is capable of arranging deliberate and well choreographed compositions.

It  helps to have the right accessories. Generally speaking, these things are best if they have some meaning to you or someone in your home. Books your grandmother gave you, an art piece you picked up while on honeymoon in Paris, hand-blown glass sculptures created by an artist you absolutely are passionate about. The idea is not to have all new things., this is after all your home – not a furniture showroom.


Now, inevitably, you will not have enough stuff to complete the accessorizing. You will need new things. And sourcing these will take you into some very fun places. Purchase the things that say something to you. A beautiful miniature portrait of a dog you never owned, but that you enjoy looking at.  Antique keys and tassels for every door, Pillows covered in fabrics that are just yummy. Silk plants that provide  just the exact needed color , that will never die on you! Etc.

Need help accessorizing? Stop in and chat it out with one of our helpful designers. While you’re here, check out our collection of home accessories: hand picked by our Senior Designer.

Happy decorating!

Accessories at P&D


You may remember Thom from the hit TV Show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The show about a group of stylish gay men, that would nab a style-starved straight fellow for a day, and revamp his presentation.

If I recall correctly, there were four guys. Each of the four would provide something of value: a cooking lesson, a personal grooming class, some culture, and Thom would redesign the house. ThomFiliciabyP&DWindowFashions

Thom was actually quite good, as TV designers at the time went. I remember always liking his end results, and every space always liveable. Classy, yet nothing stuffy or too pristine.

Well, as it turns out, Thom is now a super star in the world of interior design. His flair for comfortable yet stylish interiors caught on, and Thom has been busy designing a new fabric line.

The fabric line has recently been released, and P&D is pleased to include it in our 2014 Designer Fabrics Collection. Fabrics for upholstery, bedding, and yes – drapery. Come in and check it out, or see it in your own home with the convenience of our In-Home consultations.




Please Welcome: Thom Filicia to P&D


P&D is grateful and honored to be voted Best of Houzz for the second year in a row. Many thanks to our loyal clients and to the Houzz community, for the recognition.

P&D Window Fashions
19 years of window fashion innovation, interior design & premier service.




Remodeling and Home Design


Best of Houzz 2014



P&D announces the launch of our newest product line:   Maître Artisan Interior and Exterior Doors.


A boutique collection of select door designs for interior and exterior use, hand selected by P&D Senior Designer: Gerardo Bautista:

” I took great care in the selection process, to include only the most beautiful designs for every architectural period. From classic French to Industrial Chic, this collection has taken the best from the top manufacturers, as well as our very own exclusive designs, and put it all together into a beautiful collection of exquisite architectural products

When I do things for my home, I appreciate those collections that weed out the less than desirable designs, and give me the opportunity to select from only the prettiest options.

It’s an invaluable service, that saves me time, keeps me sane, and makes me and my home very happy. This is the philosophy for P&D as a whole, and it is also the philosophy behind this new collection.”

From closet doors to garage doors, the collection is identifiably P&D. The finest materials, unbelievable craftsmanship, gorgeous finishes, and long durability.


With your comfort in mind, P&D is pleased to offer this new service in 2014.  A service that is in keeping with the signature quality levels P&D is known for.

To experience what the collection has to offer, schedule for a consultation with a P&D designer by calling the office at 626.283.5322, or by scheduling online!


New in 2014: Architectural Doors


BrunschwigbyP&DWindowFashionsThe New Year presents us with the opportunity  to make a few changes around the home. Changes that enrich our living environment, and bring visual joy into our homes.

Changes are healthy, and recommended to keep us engaged with the world around us. Even the smallest change can greatly improve our joy and energy levels.

Give your home an update this January, with the help of a P&D designer.


Working with the right designer and design house makes all the difference. P&D offers only the best fabrics, the best designs, the most beautiful hardware, for the finest homes.

Our designers are industry accredited designers, that are at once knowledgeable, talented, professional, and oh so very helpful. So you never have to worry about your designer not “getting” you.


So what can P&D do for you in 2014? Since 1995, we’re here when you need us.


Not sure how to proceed? Simply by calling us, or by scheduling an appointment directly from the website.

Our best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2014 to you and yours, from the P&D Group, Inc. family.







Celebrate the New Year with P&D


On a recent project in Pasadena, CA, P&D employs the use of hand printed textiles. Originally meant for bedding, these intricately designed and block printed fabrics are hand produced by highly skilled artisans in India. Each sheet of fabric may be stamped as many as 3,000 times in order for the desired pattern to be complete. The process requires careful measuring, the right amounts of ink, and a very steady hand. Even the slightest change can ruin an entire piece.


These fabrics are only available for use as bedspreads. The design and construction of them makes it very obvious that they are intended for that use. The patterns are excellent for use in traditional, and transitional French inspired interiors – as the French love Indian textile  colorways and floral designs. Beds dressed in these spreads are absolutely stunning. And guess what? So are windows.

Gerardo, our Senior Designer, knows a thing or two ( or three ) about textile design and manufacture . ” Not all bedding can be transformed into well designed window coverings. There are several factors that must be exact before a fabric is even considered. Among them being scale of pattern, fabric material composition, and weight. There are other factors, but these are absolute. Also, textiles will always need to be redesigned – that is: deconstructed, designs edited, and put back together differently than originally pieced. These are things that will be dictated by the individual window to be dressed.”


We had great fun working with these fabrics. The results are absolutely gorgeous. Another great example of the uniqueness that is P&D.



Hand Printed Fabric Shades



David and Diana Jacobs live in a beautiful and unique home that for the most part, David designed himself.  It’s a home with many modern architectural elements: clean lines, minimal architectural decoration, sleek features, slim mouldings, etc.

Facing the Hollywood Hills, are windows custom created for the home. The shape of the walls is curved, and so are the windows and glass.

For years, the windows had been dressed with curved vertical blinds. This was presented as the only available option at the time to Mr. Jacobs by his window blinds salesman.

During a recent renovation, David and Diana decided they wanted something cleaner looking, that did not distract from the beautiful windows or the view; something that could almost disappear when what they wanted was to enjoy the gorgeous view.


Throughout the house, the Jacobs had dressed the windows with energy-efficient honeycomb shades, which they loved for several reasons. One reason was the colors that they came in. The other was the energy efficiency that they offer. And finally, they loved that they nearly disappeared when not needed.

Drapery would be too much fabric  for their taste, and they just could not get themselves to install vertical blinds again. By a stroke of luck, the Jacobs’ contractor had heard about P&D Window Fashions, and arranged a meeting with P&D’s Senior Designer, Gerardo Bautista.

Our initial visit was incredibly fun, and Mr. Jacobs was thrilled with the entire new world of possibilities a window fashions house presented, versus what the traditional blinds and shades shops offered.

Taking into consideration their expressed wants, Gerardo set about creating exactly what the Jacobs were wanting to see: a vertical, curved, honeycomb shade.

Easier said than done of course. This is not a product offered anywhere in the marketplace. It is simply impossible to sit honeycomb shade fabrics vertically. The fabric structure of a honeycomb shade would cause it to collapse into a room if placed vertically.

Gerardo and his team sat down and engineered a curved vertical honeycomb product just for the Jacobs. A product that has since gained immense popularity and of which P&D is extremely proud.

Available in several colors and light blocking capacities, P&D’s Sophie Shade, offers a minimal, clean and energy-efficient window covering for curved windows. Exclusively by P&D. See it in action here:




A unique window covering for “Dallas” Writer and Creator






Whenever a fabric selection features a print or distinct pattern that a customer loves, and roman shades are the selected application, Flat Roman shades are suggested. This particular roman shade style  is constructed in such a way, that patterns and prints may be enjoyed without breaks in the pattern.



The unique style does not in itself contribute another element of design, but rather, allows for the fabric selection to be the interior design contribution. Thus, this shade can be incorporated into any decorating style, from traditional to modern.

Roman shade in the P&D collection may be ordered with standard cord, loop chain, cordless, or motorized.

Fabric shown is currently a P&D exclusive. Print on cotton, fabric: Lattice, Colorway: Maize. Available in six colorways.

Flat Roman Shades by P&D