P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roman in Solar Linen


A recent installation in the desert community of Palm Springs by our Riverside County P&D Window Fashions dealer, beautifully showcases products from our Bottom Up Collection of window treatments.

Top Down/Bottom Up window coverings have become very popular. In the last ten years alone, the request for window treatments that offer privacy from below and a view from the top, have almost doubled year to year. The demand is such, that now just about every window coverings dealer offers something with such a feature, most often Roman shades or the accordion-like Honeycomb shades.  Shown above is a Top Down/Bottom Up Solar Roman shade by P&D. We installed this shade, in a solar fabric for sun protection and some degree of privacy, in the powder room of this Spanish-Ranch Modern home.


                              P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades in White Linen

In all other rooms of the home however, the homeowner desired a very simple approach to covering the windows. As little fabric as possible, no folds, to frills, as few cords as possible, something just simple. The other challenge was the proximity to the street. Passers-by easily can see into the house. Because they did not want to never be able to open their window shades to get some natural light in,  bottom up roller shades were the perfect solution to meet all privacy, aesthetic and client requirements.

There were some challenges, such as the corner window seen above, but our years of experience with all types of window styles, made what could have been hairy, run smoothly.


                             P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades in Solar Fabric

In some rooms, the privacy needs were not top priority, but the beaming hot sun was. Wanting to keep a view to the outside, while also keeping the sun and heat out, we selected a solar shade fabric for the dining room. As you can see the view is preserved, but the furniture, flooring and all other interior features are saved from sun wear.


                                 P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades in white linen

P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades

                                                    P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades

The bedrooms of course needed their privacy so the windows in those rooms were dressed in linen fabric.

All the shades were installed using just two tiny cords, and the operation of the shade couldn’t be easier – thanks to the continuous chain operation feature. We also offer single cord operation for smaller shades, as well as motorization for any size shade. Our motorization systems on Bottom Up Roller Shades can be operated by remote, app, or be hooked up to existing automation systems.


    • A post by P&D Founder: Gerardo Bautista

I spend a lot of my day philosophizing, daydreaming, idealizing. Haven’t the slightest clue if other artists do so as well, but I find that in doing these things, I am inspired to create beauty.

Creating the ideal world after-all, is up to us all. We do so by championing the causes that elevate society, that care for people, the planet and the overall health of everything that surrounds us.

Every collection in the P&D library has a beautiful story behind it. Stories of people doing for people, and not exclusively for their pocketbook. Our newest addition to the collection is no exception.


P&D Window Fashions is pleased to include in our collection of gorgeous designer textiles, the Mary Fisher for Lee Jofa – Groundworks Collection. Inspired by nature, visual artist Mary Fisher has designed fabrics so natural, you can almost feel, taste and smell the soil, tree bark, stone, mountain air, or running water that inspired them.


We at P&D are inspired by people like Mary Fisher. Brave talented people that represent the best that humankind has to offer. That represent themselves honestly and with a good heart.

To learn more about Mary Fisher, her personal story, her talents and generous heart, please visit her website : http://www.maryfisher.com/

For more on the Groundworks Collection, visit Lee Jofa : http://tinyurl.com/hnr9rew

To experience the beautiful collection in your own home, be sure to schedule a complimentary design consultation via our website or by calling your nearest P&D showroom.


KPCC Winter 2015 Online Auction – P&D Window Fashions Custom Roman Shade Donation


P&D Window Fashions is pleased to support local public radio stations in the communities that we do business in. Our Pasadena location donated a custom roman shade design makeover to the Pasadena KPCC public radio station for their Winter Online Auction.

The KPCC Winter 2015 Online Auction raised just under $80,000 this year; thanks to business donors and to the generous bidders. Funds are used to continue the great programming offered by the station.

Our contribution of Custom Roman Shades for one room, valued at $2000.00, saw a lot of interest. We’re pleased that local Pasadena homeowners recognize the P&D quality and are available to enjoying our products in their homes.

Even though P&D Window Fashions has been around for 20 years, our P&D Window Fashions Pasadena location is young to the city at only four years. So it is heart warming to be so well received in this community, just as we are in Glendale, Sierra Madre, Riverside and San Bernardino.


Our sister company, Paint & Design Group, Inc., donated a Kitchen Cabinet  Finishing Makeover! With a top bidder in the lead for days, it appeared almost certain that person would win. The final day of the auction however, Sunday December 6th, saw two new bidders entering the race. These two bidders were neck in neck to the final moment. At the end of the auction, that particular donation placed 2nd on the list of Highest Bids.

Congratulations to the winning bidders. We look forward to meeting with you and featuring your completed projects on future P&D blog entries!

P&D WIndow Fashions Jayma Mays and Adam Campbell 2

Jayma Mays and Adam Campbell are perhaps two of the most charismatic, lovely people you could ever encounter.

The lovely couple invited P&D into their newly renovated modern home to dress windows that no traditional window covering could style properly. The windows are designed in adjoining columns, four in a row. Their function is to provide a modern aesthetic, and to allow much welcomed natural light into the home. However, there was one little thing that just wasn’t perfect about the windows: they faced directly into the neighbor’s living room.

P&D Window Fashions Jayma Jones Adam Campbell

Jayma and Adam wanted something very minimal, with clean lines and not too much in the way of operating hardware. Something that could provide privacy from below, while still allowing natural light into the house.

P&D happens to specialize in just such requests. We custom manufacture specialized solutions for the dressing of windows. Our Bottom-Up Roller Shades were a perfect fit for the couple. They are minimal, beautiful, install and provide privacy for below, allow natural light to enter from above, and the hardware is just a center cord and pulley.  So now they can enjoy their windows, and privacy for both them and the neighbors.

P&D Window Fashions Jayma Mays

The house renovation was featured in an article on Dwell Magazine.  See our shades, and the rest of the home on Dwell:


Modern renovated home of Glee star, Jayma Mays and husband Adam Campbell features P&D’s exclusive bottom-up roller shades.


I begin this latest P&D blog entry with a confession.

You see, my primary talent, I’d say as a designer, lies in the translation of complex notions and ideas into decipherable, easily palatable design.  This strength, has focused the design direction P&D has taken very much since it’s inception. Minimal, beautiful, simple interiors that are comfortable, aesthetically clean, and focused. I confess that after more than a decade of minimalist interiors, I would like to liven things up a bit.

In my search for the most beautiful finishes, textures and colors for minimalist interiors, I’ve had to turn inward to create things that did not exist. P&D has had to formulate complex colors to give walls more interest than what regular paints can provide. We’ve designed textiles in somewhat the same way, to make certain colors that current manufacturing conditions could not produce, happen. The same goes for textures. All in all, I’m proud to say we’ve perfected the art of simplicity in our now 20 years in business. We do it very well, we do it beautifully.


Now and again there is a little powder room, or there is a guest room, a library, a hallway, somewhere in a house that could really benefit from something totally unexpected, something fun. Something that cannot be achieved with paints. This is where I turn to Matthew Williamson. Matthew is the iconic UK fashion designer responsible for some of the best patterning on textiles anywhere. He’s a rock star in Europe, and my new favorite source for wallpapers and fabrics.


Matthew Williamson has a beautiful collection of wallpapers and fabrics with UK manufacturer: Osborne & Little. The collection is quite manageable, and very pretty. Just the right place to go to for when just a bit, or quite some more pattern is needed in a room.  Sometimes good design calls for something more than paint, it calls for beautiful pattern. The Osborne & Little collection offers tasteful, wonderful designs for these purposes.

P&D is pleased to introduce the entire Osborne & Little collection, including the works from Matthew Williamson, to our collection this month. Come in or schedule for an in-home design consultation to experience the Matthew Williamson for Osborne & Little collection in your own home.

For more on Matthew Williamson, visit his instagram account. I know you’ll fall in love with his charismatic personality. You’ll also not want to miss checking out Osborne & Little’s instagram account.




NY based interior designer, Charlotte Moss, is one of our favorite taste-makers.

Her style is effortless, beautiful. and always stylish. While leaning to traditions, Charlotte does have a way of keeping things current. The room above is a perfect example. It’s romantic, whimsical, with traditional elements, and yet – it’s contemporary.



Charlotte Moss has teamed up once again with fabric house giant, Fabricut, to release a brand new fabric collection. Her prior collection with Fabricut, was quite popular with P&D Window Fashions customers. We had quite a number of gorgeous drapery and custom bedding orders with Charlotte’s fabrics.  With what we’ve seen of the newest collection, we expect to see yet another run of beautiful fabrics gracing both our showroom and workrooms.

What we like about this newest release of prints and solids, is the “coolness” of the palette. The colors are so clean, so crisp, so relevant to today’s aesthetics. Charlotte has done it again with the release of these new fabrics.


Experience the Charlotte Moss for Fabricut Collection by visiting our showrooms , or  from the comfort of your own home by scheduling a P&D Designer visit directly from our website.

For more on Charlotte Moss, and Fabricut, be sure to visit their instagram accounts by clicking on their names, or check out their websites:



Shopping with a designer can be quite a fun experience. Going to just the places where you’ll be seeing things tailored to your sensibilities is always a nice luxury.

On this particular shopping trip with my client, we visit a showroom she found online. Very  much like P&D, this showroom will not have things that can easily be found elsewhere; and we were searching for a specific style of dining table. So of course we had to go.

I’m not a big fan of trendy, busy areas. I avoid them like the plague. Heavy traffic, cars honking, driving in circles to find parking, long waits in lines, etc.,etc., are just not a few of my favorite things.

So it was with a tad of hesitation, that when my client suggested we visit a furniture showroom near The Grove, in West Los Angeles, I had get into the mindset to make the trip.

You see, we were not going to just any furniture showroom. We were going to visit with Los Angeles reclaimed furniture designer, Dante McCarthy.  Dante specializes in the design, creation and finishing of custom dining tables made from wood reclaimed from local construction sites. Her showroom, Cloud Noir, is on 3rd St., between Fairfax and Crescent Heights. We set out at noon, to hopefully get there and back before traffic thickened.

Luckily, traffic wasn’t terrible, and we got to Cloud Noir in just under an hour – leaving from Pasadena. The store has parking in the back so circling around forever trying to find a spot for the cars was not a necessary exercise.


The showroom is not huge. Like the best restaurants with small menus, the selection here is manageable.

No two items are identical, since each is made from wood pieces that came from different places, at different times, serving different purposes.

As more and more consumers are requesting products from recycled, reclaimed, re-purposed or of renewable materials, stores like Cloud Noir are seeing increased traffic.

P&DGroupIncpresentscloudnoir (2)

I fell in love with everything, especially with Dante. She and I had a chat about process. Without saying anything about my own experience as a designer/finisher, I let Dante tell me about how she goes about finishing her tables. To sum it all up, she knows what she’s talking about.

Check out the table we selected on my instagram account:

A photo posted by Gerardo Bautista (@pdgroupgerardo)

In about two weeks, we’ll have the table delivered. Once the room is put together, I’ll be sure to share some pictures.

To learn more about Dante, and her showroom Cloud Noir, be sure to follow Dante on Instagram.


For centuries, the French have influenced the world of design with their refined sense of style. Be it with interiors, architecture, art or even for ideas on what to wear, the world has looked to France for direction – and they have not disappointed. French inspired architecture is quite favored in the States. It is one of the top styles for homes as a matter of fact. Decorating the inside of a home in the French style is of course, also quite popular.

A few years back, the French Country style was all the rage. The darling, romantic colors, textiles, and farm style furnishings made for beautifully comfortable interiors. No company represented French Country better than a company known as Pierre Deux. A catalog company of accessories and small home furnishings, whose name became synonymous with French Country. Procuring an exclusive line of fabrics and wallpapers, Pierre Deux further stamped itself into the minds of Francophiles everywhere.

At roughly the same time, if not slightly earlier, in Tulsa, OK., an interior designer was making a name for himself in the world of French Country. A charming fellow by the name of Charles Faudree, was decorating the homes of the Tulsa elite in the style of the french countryside. Notorious for his coordinating-not-matching decorating, Faudree created beautiful art with his interiors. Every detail was carefully thought through and incorporated. Draperies featured gorgeous trimming, upholstered chairs and sofas would have overstuffed seats, the lighting would be planned for both task and ambiance. With the publishing of several books, Charles Faudree became the premier interior designer, and the authority in the French Country style.

Pierre Deux would often feature Charles Faudree in their catalog and website, as Charles loved that Pierre Deux existed, and wasted no time in using their furniture in his rooms. The love affair between the Pierre Deux and Faudree would never extinguish.


Brunschwig & Fils wallpaper


Unfortunately, in the midst of our most recent recession, Pierre Deux  was faced with diminishing sales. After years of poor sales performance, Pierre Deux was forced to close all stores and file for bankruptcy. The news came as a shock to us in the industry, as we believed the store to be strong and doing superbly.  If you have been a customer of P&D for a while now, you may remember that P&D became the source for all things French Country after the closing of Pierre Deux. We gained many wonderful friends during this time. People that have stayed with us, and evolved with us in design through the years.

Now, arguably, the French Country style is no longer in fashion. This I would say is absolutely the case. French Country as Pierre Deux, and Charles Faudree knew it, no longer appeals to people. That is to be understood, as interior design evolves and updates frequently. Of course, certain elements are classic, and like all things classic, these elements will never go out of style.


One of the companies that P&D is pleased to offer in our showroom, is Brunschwig et Fils. B&F manufactures a beautiful collection of fabrics, wallcoverings, and upholstery pieces – true to the French style. They continually update their collections, to bring new and exciting products to keep Francophiles constantly smiling. We have utilized the fabrics for drapery treatments, upholstery, pillows, bedding, and even lamp shades. Always to fantastic results.

Come in or schedule for a complimentary in-home designer visit to experience the beauty that is Brunschwig & Fils in your own home.

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  • Versa Motion
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Schedule with your favorite P&D Home Fashions designer for an In-Home Design consultation.




John Robshaw, famed high-end textile and interior designer, collaborates with Duralee Fabrics periodically and on an on-going basis, to release beautiful fabric collections.

Now, this isn’t a novel idea really, as other high-end designers have also teamed up with fabric houses to introduce their own lines of fabrics. To much success. Designer collections sell rather well, as many interior designers have become household names thanks to design magazines and television networks such as HGTV. Their recognizable design aesthetic draws in the customers. So not a new idea, this partnering of fabric houses and interior designers. What is novel in this particular instance, if I may say, is the manner in which this collection translates into a beautifully designed, reasonably priced collection. P&D Window Fashions John Robshaw

Interior design experts will tell you immediately, from experience, that high-end designer products simply do not translate well when reinvented to appeal to a wider audience. The primary reason being of course, in the quality of the collections. This is where most all designer collections with this idea in mind fail, and where, quite frankly, the designer brand itself sustains irreparable artistic damage. You may remember a few years back when designer clothing started to appear at Target? Much to the dismay of the brand-protective garment designers whose labels appeared on the racks. You better believe they went after Target, as their credibility was on the line. No pun intended. There wasn’t much they could do of course, since Target was able to prove that the merchandise was obtained legally.  Now it goes without much thought to say that these designer items were a huge success at Target. This instance began what is now a designer label garment market for the masses. Not much to write home about sadly, as the quality leaves so much to be desired.

P&D Window Fashions JOhn Robshaw Designs

John Robshaw went about designing this collection intelligently. That is not to say that all other designers have gone about their collections unintelligently. Rather what I mean to say is that John had his eye not just on the price point, but on the quality of the end result as well. Nothing is lost in translation here folks. The textiles are just as gorgeous as their much higher priced versions. That is how you know you’ve succeeded with a wide audience collection. When it looks just as wonderful as something you could have spent much more on. Because as my Spanish colleague said best : ” When quality is lacking pretension, it matters not from where it hails. Nor does it, be it of wood or plastic, prohibitive or cheap.” -Luis Galliussi


P&D Window Fashions John Robshaw Sitting

We’ve been quite pleased with each and every project we’ve had the pleasure of utilizing the collection on. From the tiniest pillow to the biggest wall of drapery, every piece a gorgeous work of art. ???????????????????????????????

P&D Window Fashions offers the entire John Robshaw for Duralee collection. Featuring fabrics suitable for drapery and upholstery. Heck, if there’s something you love beyond expression, we’ll design and fabricate a garment out of it for you to wear.

Come in to the gallery showroom or schedule an in-home design consultation to experience the beautiful collection for yourself. Fabrics start at $40 a yard.