• A post by P&D Founder: Gerardo Bautista

I spend a lot of my day philosophizing, daydreaming, idealizing. Haven’t the slightest clue if other artists do so as well, but I find that in doing these things, I am inspired to create beauty.

Creating the ideal world after-all, is up to us all. We do so by championing the causes that elevate society, that care for people, the planet and the overall health of everything that surrounds us.

Every collection in the P&D library has a beautiful story behind it. Stories of people doing for people, and not exclusively for their pocketbook. Our newest addition to the collection is no exception.


P&D Window Fashions is pleased to include in our collection of gorgeous designer textiles, the Mary Fisher for Lee Jofa – Groundworks Collection. Inspired by nature, visual artist Mary Fisher has designed fabrics so natural, you can almost feel, taste and smell the soil, tree bark, stone, mountain air, or running water that inspired them.


We at P&D are inspired by people like Mary Fisher. Brave talented people that represent the best that humankind has to offer. That represent themselves honestly and with a good heart.

To learn more about Mary Fisher, her personal story, her talents and generous heart, please visit her website : http://www.maryfisher.com/

For more on the Groundworks Collection, visit Lee Jofa : http://tinyurl.com/hnr9rew

To experience the beautiful collection in your own home, be sure to schedule a complimentary design consultation via our website or by calling your nearest P&D showroom.


Paint Design Studio Crib 2014 4


I am always touched, especially touched, when asked to design a nursery. Being that close to a client brings about all sorts of sweet emotions that serve to remind me of why it is that I do what I do for a living.

It is essential, and basic for me to make meaningful connections with the people in my life – including clients. When it all boils down to it, I’d much rather feel that I am a great person, rather than a great designer.

So, for my newest nursery, I am working something up a la Hollywood Regency for a young couple expecting a baby in December. The nursery is to have no sharp edges on furnishings. Everything is to be rounded and visually soft, dreamy, and whimsical – yet sophisticated. The crib we are installing in this room is a work of genius. A design by my pals in Britain, the crib features an all wood construction in egg-shaped form.


Finn Room

Paint Design Studio Crib 2014

Take a look at the bird’s eye-view of this thing with baby in it. You could just melt.

Colors are to be in warm grays and soft ivories. I wanted to share this with you today, because it was just too fun no to. I’ll also be sharing finished room images in the coming weeks.


P&D Home Fashions Headboards 20142

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peter dunhamRemember when luxury in home interiors made for stuffy, uncomfortable rooms that were seldom used? Well, that was the ideal of yesteryear. Rooms to use for entertaining only, that the rest of the time just sat there looking pretty.

P& Window Fashions Block Print Kinen Room View


In new homes, and remodels, the formal dining rooms and living rooms of yesteryear are slowly disappearing. In their stead, are open spaces that more are suitable for the way we live our lives today. The idea is to use every space, to enjoy the full use of the house.p&dWindowpeter-dunhamwovenshades

My favorite design for these spaces? This changes for me every few years. I like keeping things relevant and fresh. There is always change happening in my house. I find this keeps me, at least in my mind: interested, relevant, “happening” and young. But for now, I’m enjoying the global, worldly, bohemian look. Woven shades and linen fabrics on the windows, block print textiles, simple light fixtures, clean colors. Things of Indian, East Asian, African, French, Brit origin are among my favorites. The cohesive element always being comfort.


Coco Chanel said it best : ” If it’s not comfortable, it’s not luxury.”





You may remember Thom from the hit TV Show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The show about a group of stylish gay men, that would nab a style-starved straight fellow for a day, and revamp his presentation.

If I recall correctly, there were four guys. Each of the four would provide something of value: a cooking lesson, a personal grooming class, some culture, and Thom would redesign the house. ThomFiliciabyP&DWindowFashions

Thom was actually quite good, as TV designers at the time went. I remember always liking his end results, and every space always liveable. Classy, yet nothing stuffy or too pristine.

Well, as it turns out, Thom is now a super star in the world of interior design. His flair for comfortable yet stylish interiors caught on, and Thom has been busy designing a new fabric line.

The fabric line has recently been released, and P&D is pleased to include it in our 2014 Designer Fabrics Collection. Fabrics for upholstery, bedding, and yes – drapery. Come in and check it out, or see it in your own home with the convenience of our In-Home consultations.




P&DWindowFashionsCafeCurtains1For their unique architecture, bay windows tend to offer a beautiful source of natural light. When it comes time to dress this type of window however, most people tend to get stuck. The unique shape of the window, along with the minimal access for window hardware at the interior, do press for a bit of a challenge, yet fear not – P&D has many gorgeous options for dressing bay windows.


In this Brentwood, California home, the bay window over the kitchen sink needed something. It was just too open and too cold a window for the interior design.

The homeowner loves the French Country design aesthetic.  Beautiful reds, whites, greens, blues and yellows associated with French Country, fill the room.

European pleated cafe curtains in a french linen floral print were the natural choice for the styling of the bay window. The panels were installed on to custom solid bronze drapery rods and rings – designed to the appropriate scale.

P&DWIndowFashionsCafeCurtain3The cafe curtains lend a visual warmth, for a cold window in a traditional home. An understated, beautiful, and classic window covering, by P&D Window Fashions.