• A post by P&D Founder: Gerardo Bautista

I spend a lot of my day philosophizing, daydreaming, idealizing. Haven’t the slightest clue if other artists do so as well, but I find that in doing these things, I am inspired to create beauty.

Creating the ideal world after-all, is up to us all. We do so by championing the causes that elevate society, that care for people, the planet and the overall health of everything that surrounds us.

Every collection in the P&D library has a beautiful story behind it. Stories of people doing for people, and not exclusively for their pocketbook. Our newest addition to the collection is no exception.


P&D Window Fashions is pleased to include in our collection of gorgeous designer textiles, the Mary Fisher for Lee Jofa – Groundworks Collection. Inspired by nature, visual artist Mary Fisher has designed fabrics so natural, you can almost feel, taste and smell the soil, tree bark, stone, mountain air, or running water that inspired them.


We at P&D are inspired by people like Mary Fisher. Brave talented people that represent the best that humankind has to offer. That represent themselves honestly and with a good heart.

To learn more about Mary Fisher, her personal story, her talents and generous heart, please visit her website : http://www.maryfisher.com/

For more on the Groundworks Collection, visit Lee Jofa : http://tinyurl.com/hnr9rew

To experience the beautiful collection in your own home, be sure to schedule a complimentary design consultation via our website or by calling your nearest P&D showroom.