P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roman in Solar Linen


A recent installation in the desert community of Palm Springs by our Riverside County P&D Window Fashions dealer, beautifully showcases products from our Bottom Up Collection of window treatments.

Top Down/Bottom Up window coverings have become very popular. In the last ten years alone, the request for window treatments that offer privacy from below and a view from the top, have almost doubled year to year. The demand is such, that now just about every window coverings dealer offers something with such a feature, most often Roman shades or the accordion-like Honeycomb shades.  Shown above is a Top Down/Bottom Up Solar Roman shade by P&D. We installed this shade, in a solar fabric for sun protection and some degree of privacy, in the powder room of this Spanish-Ranch Modern home.


                              P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades in White Linen

In all other rooms of the home however, the homeowner desired a very simple approach to covering the windows. As little fabric as possible, no folds, to frills, as few cords as possible, something just simple. The other challenge was the proximity to the street. Passers-by easily can see into the house. Because they did not want to never be able to open their window shades to get some natural light in,  bottom up roller shades were the perfect solution to meet all privacy, aesthetic and client requirements.

There were some challenges, such as the corner window seen above, but our years of experience with all types of window styles, made what could have been hairy, run smoothly.


                             P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades in Solar Fabric

In some rooms, the privacy needs were not top priority, but the beaming hot sun was. Wanting to keep a view to the outside, while also keeping the sun and heat out, we selected a solar shade fabric for the dining room. As you can see the view is preserved, but the furniture, flooring and all other interior features are saved from sun wear.


                                 P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades in white linen

P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades

                                                    P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades

The bedrooms of course needed their privacy so the windows in those rooms were dressed in linen fabric.

All the shades were installed using just two tiny cords, and the operation of the shade couldn’t be easier – thanks to the continuous chain operation feature. We also offer single cord operation for smaller shades, as well as motorization for any size shade. Our motorization systems on Bottom Up Roller Shades can be operated by remote, app, or be hooked up to existing automation systems.



KPCC Winter 2015 Online Auction – P&D Window Fashions Custom Roman Shade Donation


P&D Window Fashions is pleased to support local public radio stations in the communities that we do business in. Our Pasadena location donated a custom roman shade design makeover to the Pasadena KPCC public radio station for their Winter Online Auction.

The KPCC Winter 2015 Online Auction raised just under $80,000 this year; thanks to business donors and to the generous bidders. Funds are used to continue the great programming offered by the station.

Our contribution of Custom Roman Shades for one room, valued at $2000.00, saw a lot of interest. We’re pleased that local Pasadena homeowners recognize the P&D quality and are available to enjoying our products in their homes.

Even though P&D Window Fashions has been around for 20 years, our P&D Window Fashions Pasadena location is young to the city at only four years. So it is heart warming to be so well received in this community, just as we are in Glendale, Sierra Madre, Riverside and San Bernardino.


Our sister company, Paint & Design Group, Inc., donated a Kitchen Cabinet  Finishing Makeover! With a top bidder in the lead for days, it appeared almost certain that person would win. The final day of the auction however, Sunday December 6th, saw two new bidders entering the race. These two bidders were neck in neck to the final moment. At the end of the auction, that particular donation placed 2nd on the list of Highest Bids.

Congratulations to the winning bidders. We look forward to meeting with you and featuring your completed projects on future P&D blog entries!

Motorization has been around in the window treatment industry for quite some time. It’s been quite fun watching as the technology improves. P&D Window Fashions was a pioneer in motorization, seeing value and convenience in the operating of window coverings by remote control.

Our primary interest was for convenience, rather than gimmick. Motorized window treatments are perfect in homes that perhaps have windows that are hard to reach. Perhaps a busy family would rather go about daily routine without having to think about light control, privacy, sound barriers, etc. If it is done for them automatically, the time saved and the great convenience is a wonderful luxury.

Initial motorization attempts were clunky, noisy and a bit more work to be called convenient. At least not ideal for residential use anyway.

Today’s motorization has finally got it right. Easy, convenient, silent, beautiful.

Hunter Douglas recently released their own update to the motorization industry – they call it PowerView. A system of window covering operations that work from Hunter Douglas’ own remote controls and Ipad apps. With this new system, one is able to not only operate window treatments, but also program them to open, close, tilt, sheer to a set schedule.  This programming feature is a huge help for those of us that know what our environment is about, and how we like the light, privacy set for different times in the day. PowerView from Hunter Douglas allows you to program every shade in the house to function exactly as you want it, at different times of the day.

Powerview is only available for use with Hunter Douglas products. Most products in the Hunter Douglas collection may be motorized, with few exceptions – such as shutters and wood blinds.

Call your nearest P&D Window Fashions for a complimentary in-home automation consultation. You may also schedule directly from the website. If scheduling online, be sure to mention PowerView in your appointment notes to our designers.

Powerview from Hunter Douglas, now at P&D Window Fashions.


Paint Design Studio Crib 2014 4


I am always touched, especially touched, when asked to design a nursery. Being that close to a client brings about all sorts of sweet emotions that serve to remind me of why it is that I do what I do for a living.

It is essential, and basic for me to make meaningful connections with the people in my life – including clients. When it all boils down to it, I’d much rather feel that I am a great person, rather than a great designer.

So, for my newest nursery, I am working something up a la Hollywood Regency for a young couple expecting a baby in December. The nursery is to have no sharp edges on furnishings. Everything is to be rounded and visually soft, dreamy, and whimsical – yet sophisticated. The crib we are installing in this room is a work of genius. A design by my pals in Britain, the crib features an all wood construction in egg-shaped form.


Finn Room

Paint Design Studio Crib 2014

Take a look at the bird’s eye-view of this thing with baby in it. You could just melt.

Colors are to be in warm grays and soft ivories. I wanted to share this with you today, because it was just too fun no to. I’ll also be sharing finished room images in the coming weeks.



On a recent project in Pasadena, CA, P&D employs the use of hand printed textiles. Originally meant for bedding, these intricately designed and block printed fabrics are hand produced by highly skilled artisans in India. Each sheet of fabric may be stamped as many as 3,000 times in order for the desired pattern to be complete. The process requires careful measuring, the right amounts of ink, and a very steady hand. Even the slightest change can ruin an entire piece.


These fabrics are only available for use as bedspreads. The design and construction of them makes it very obvious that they are intended for that use. The patterns are excellent for use in traditional, and transitional French inspired interiors – as the French love Indian textile  colorways and floral designs. Beds dressed in these spreads are absolutely stunning. And guess what? So are windows.

Gerardo, our Senior Designer, knows a thing or two ( or three ) about textile design and manufacture . ” Not all bedding can be transformed into well designed window coverings. There are several factors that must be exact before a fabric is even considered. Among them being scale of pattern, fabric material composition, and weight. There are other factors, but these are absolute. Also, textiles will always need to be redesigned – that is: deconstructed, designs edited, and put back together differently than originally pieced. These are things that will be dictated by the individual window to be dressed.”


We had great fun working with these fabrics. The results are absolutely gorgeous. Another great example of the uniqueness that is P&D.







Whenever a fabric selection features a print or distinct pattern that a customer loves, and roman shades are the selected application, Flat Roman shades are suggested. This particular roman shade style  is constructed in such a way, that patterns and prints may be enjoyed without breaks in the pattern.



The unique style does not in itself contribute another element of design, but rather, allows for the fabric selection to be the interior design contribution. Thus, this shade can be incorporated into any decorating style, from traditional to modern.

Roman shade in the P&D collection may be ordered with standard cord, loop chain, cordless, or motorized.

Fabric shown is currently a P&D exclusive. Print on cotton, fabric: Lattice, Colorway: Maize. Available in six colorways.