Ostrich Farm LA

Sometimes things happen in some strange-cool sort of coincidental way. Take for example the time my friend John went to visit his family in Northern California. On one of the nights there, the family decided to go wine tasting. They got to the place and a new design client called John from Beverly Hills. John took the call and explained to the caller that he was visiting family and that he could schedule a meeting for the following week. A few minutes into the conversation it came up that John was a wine tasting, the new client said that was the business he was in, and as it turned out, John was sitting in this man’s vineyard and was now being treated to their finest bottle. Wow.

Anyway, this sort of thing happens periodically, much to my amusement.

On a more recent occasion, my boyfriend and I had been joking about riding ostriches, after seeing it done on T.V. It looked comical, and it was just something that I was pushing to do.


The very next day, an e-mail comes in from a return address that reads Ostrich Farm something or other. I thought perhaps my boyfriend was being funny, or he had signed me up for information somewhere. It was none of that. The email was from a restaurant owner in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Her ultra chic and comfortable restaurant is called Ostrich Farm LA. Wow, again!

Brooke, the owner, wanted something modern cool for the front windows of the restaurant. Loosing the view to the inside of the restaurant as well as to the exterior for diners was not desired. The sun came in scorching every day after mid-morning, making for a very hot and uncomfortable dining experience. We decided on motorized solar shades, in white, with maximum view-thru. The shades solved the heat problem, and diners to the restaurant will keep the view to the busy street!

Fun stuff. No Ostrich rides, or ostrich meat on the menu thankfully! A super delicious place to eat. Highly recommended. Check it out, and let our shades keep you cool while there!




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