P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roman in Solar Linen


A recent installation in the desert community of Palm Springs by our Riverside County P&D Window Fashions dealer, beautifully showcases products from our Bottom Up Collection of window treatments.

Top Down/Bottom Up window coverings have become very popular. In the last ten years alone, the request for window treatments that offer privacy from below and a view from the top, have almost doubled year to year. The demand is such, that now just about every window coverings dealer offers something with such a feature, most often Roman shades or the accordion-like Honeycomb shades.  Shown above is a Top Down/Bottom Up Solar Roman shade by P&D. We installed this shade, in a solar fabric for sun protection and some degree of privacy, in the powder room of this Spanish-Ranch Modern home.


                              P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades in White Linen

In all other rooms of the home however, the homeowner desired a very simple approach to covering the windows. As little fabric as possible, no folds, to frills, as few cords as possible, something just simple. The other challenge was the proximity to the street. Passers-by easily can see into the house. Because they did not want to never be able to open their window shades to get some natural light in,  bottom up roller shades were the perfect solution to meet all privacy, aesthetic and client requirements.

There were some challenges, such as the corner window seen above, but our years of experience with all types of window styles, made what could have been hairy, run smoothly.


                             P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades in Solar Fabric

In some rooms, the privacy needs were not top priority, but the beaming hot sun was. Wanting to keep a view to the outside, while also keeping the sun and heat out, we selected a solar shade fabric for the dining room. As you can see the view is preserved, but the furniture, flooring and all other interior features are saved from sun wear.


                                 P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades in white linen

P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades

                                                    P&D Exclusive Bottom Up Roller Shades

The bedrooms of course needed their privacy so the windows in those rooms were dressed in linen fabric.

All the shades were installed using just two tiny cords, and the operation of the shade couldn’t be easier – thanks to the continuous chain operation feature. We also offer single cord operation for smaller shades, as well as motorization for any size shade. Our motorization systems on Bottom Up Roller Shades can be operated by remote, app, or be hooked up to existing automation systems.



KPCC Winter 2015 Online Auction – P&D Window Fashions Custom Roman Shade Donation


P&D Window Fashions is pleased to support local public radio stations in the communities that we do business in. Our Pasadena location donated a custom roman shade design makeover to the Pasadena KPCC public radio station for their Winter Online Auction.

The KPCC Winter 2015 Online Auction raised just under $80,000 this year; thanks to business donors and to the generous bidders. Funds are used to continue the great programming offered by the station.

Our contribution of Custom Roman Shades for one room, valued at $2000.00, saw a lot of interest. We’re pleased that local Pasadena homeowners recognize the P&D quality and are available to enjoying our products in their homes.

Even though P&D Window Fashions has been around for 20 years, our P&D Window Fashions Pasadena location is young to the city at only four years. So it is heart warming to be so well received in this community, just as we are in Glendale, Sierra Madre, Riverside and San Bernardino.


Our sister company, Paint & Design Group, Inc., donated a Kitchen Cabinet  Finishing Makeover! With a top bidder in the lead for days, it appeared almost certain that person would win. The final day of the auction however, Sunday December 6th, saw two new bidders entering the race. These two bidders were neck in neck to the final moment. At the end of the auction, that particular donation placed 2nd on the list of Highest Bids.

Congratulations to the winning bidders. We look forward to meeting with you and featuring your completed projects on future P&D blog entries!


We’d like to introduce you to the latest addition to the P&D Window Fashions Fabric Collection: British Floral Fabrics.

As you may or may not know, P&D Window Fashions happens to have a very limited number of floral prints in our fabric collection. This is not by accident. Years of studying client and customer reaction to certain textiles have directed us to include only those fabrics that will generate joyful, positive responses.

P&DWindowFashionspresentsDesignersGuildThe selection process for us is part science, part art, and a whole lot of intuition. The science part involves product content and the manufacturing process. We want to make sure we are including only the best quality products, that are manufactured without toxic chemicals, and that are completely earth friendly. We’ll be darned if we have to display one of those awful ” Products sold here are known to cause cancer” or whatever other awful illness plaques anywhere in our stores or workrooms. The science part alone keeps many otherwise beautiful fabrics out of our collection.

The art part of the selection process involves the use of color, scale, design, and execution. As artists, we have an intimate understanding of color, how it behaves and how it works in homes.

P&DWindowFashionsDesignersGuildmaxresdefaultIt’s also important that colors reflect an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye, that patterns are to an appropriate scale for things for which the fabrics themselves will be used for in the home.

Finally, the fun part is in the intuition part of the process. This is where we work with that “gut feeling”. Where we take our years of experience working with people in their most intimate setting: their private home, and utilize that knowledge to make future clients happy as well.

It may sound silly, but everything that we provide will create an emotional connection with our customers. Some customers are more expressive than others about it, but we can always tell when we’ve reached that joyful point in the design process. That’s when we know that we are ready to start creating.

So anyway, that brings us back full circle to our British Floral Fabrics.  These prints are unlike anything we’ve ever offered, and unlike anything we’ve seen offered elsewhere. The florals that one most often sees are usually very traditional, in small to medium scales, and in “safe” color-ways. Backgrounds are usually a beige or pastel color, almost never white.

So as you may have guessed, this new addition to the collection is the opposite of all that. These colors are no shrinking violets ( sorry, could not resist ). Rich, pure, bold colors, on clean crisp backgrounds. The scale? BIG. These gorgeous works of art are meant to be seen and enjoyed. Perfect for rooms that can handle a feminine touch. The girl cave, office, garden room, guest room, etc.

We’ve only had the fabrics a few days, and already we’ve found delicious ways to enjoy the prints. Take a look at the lamp shade below. ( Yes, we do those too!)

P&DWindowFashionsoriginal_designers-guild-orangerie-fabric-lampshadeExperience British Floral Fabrics, the newest part of the P&D Window Fashions  fabric collection. Call, visit us, or to see the collection in your own home, schedule a complimentary in-home design consultation directly from our website.


P&D WIndow Fashions Jayma Mays and Adam Campbell 2

Jayma Mays and Adam Campbell are perhaps two of the most charismatic, lovely people you could ever encounter.

The lovely couple invited P&D into their newly renovated modern home to dress windows that no traditional window covering could style properly. The windows are designed in adjoining columns, four in a row. Their function is to provide a modern aesthetic, and to allow much welcomed natural light into the home. However, there was one little thing that just wasn’t perfect about the windows: they faced directly into the neighbor’s living room.

P&D Window Fashions Jayma Jones Adam Campbell

Jayma and Adam wanted something very minimal, with clean lines and not too much in the way of operating hardware. Something that could provide privacy from below, while still allowing natural light into the house.

P&D happens to specialize in just such requests. We custom manufacture specialized solutions for the dressing of windows. Our Bottom-Up Roller Shades were a perfect fit for the couple. They are minimal, beautiful, install and provide privacy for below, allow natural light to enter from above, and the hardware is just a center cord and pulley.  So now they can enjoy their windows, and privacy for both them and the neighbors.

P&D Window Fashions Jayma Mays

The house renovation was featured in an article on Dwell Magazine.  See our shades, and the rest of the home on Dwell:


Modern renovated home of Glee star, Jayma Mays and husband Adam Campbell features P&D’s exclusive bottom-up roller shades.

Hunter Douglas, just as we do at P&D Window Fashions, not only manufactures beautiful window garments, they also innovate products for the entire industry. P&D Window Fashions Hunter Douglas 2

What makes the Hunter Douglas product line so special is the attention to detail in the textile design itself. Because we can make window coverings out of most any textile, but constructing a premium window covering can only be done if we start with a well designed fabric.


Hunter Douglas invests in top talents to design, innovate, and produce exclusive textiles that are not only pretty, but that are also capable of providing years of privacy and sun protection. Often with our customers, as it is with us in our own homes, style is the primary concern. The window coverings must be visually striking. They must contribute to the overall design of the room. For this to be possible, textiles must remain current with the times. Second to style, is durability. It’s important to know that the window treatments are strong enough for everyday use. It is also important to know that the window treatments will maintain their beauty for years. These are factors we at P&D consider before even choosing to represent a product line. If we would not have it in our own homes, we will not offer for use in yours. Hunter Douglas can be trusted to provide a whole lot of beauty, and only the best quality.

P&D Window Fashions Hunter Douglas 4

So how else does Hunter Douglas innovate, besides textile design, quality and durability?

Hunter Douglas has a product called the Duette. This is a honeycomb shaped fabric treatment, available in nearly a hundred fabric options, that helps with the insulation of a window.

The product is quite genius really. Providing insulation from sound, as well protecting the home from loss of heat or cool air. Very few products on the market can say they qualify for federal tax rebates for energy efficiency. Hunter Douglas can say this about their Duette. Not only is the Duette beautiful and energy efficient, it is also a compact product. Meaning that if you are wanting to conserve as much of your view to the outside as possible, this window treatment maximizes the amount of available view by compressing into a small headrail. Often, the total amount of space used by a Duette when fully retracted, is under 5 inches.

P&D Window Fashions Hunter Douglas 1

For more on Hunter Douglas, visit their website at : http://www.hunterdouglas.com

Or come into our Gallery showroom to experience the beautiful options for yourself. Remember that P&D Window Fashions also offers complimentary In-Home design consultations. You may schedule online, or by giving us a call. We’d be more than happy to be of assistance.

P&D Window Fashions Hunter Douglas 3



John Robshaw, famed high-end textile and interior designer, collaborates with Duralee Fabrics periodically and on an on-going basis, to release beautiful fabric collections.

Now, this isn’t a novel idea really, as other high-end designers have also teamed up with fabric houses to introduce their own lines of fabrics. To much success. Designer collections sell rather well, as many interior designers have become household names thanks to design magazines and television networks such as HGTV. Their recognizable design aesthetic draws in the customers. So not a new idea, this partnering of fabric houses and interior designers. What is novel in this particular instance, if I may say, is the manner in which this collection translates into a beautifully designed, reasonably priced collection. P&D Window Fashions John Robshaw

Interior design experts will tell you immediately, from experience, that high-end designer products simply do not translate well when reinvented to appeal to a wider audience. The primary reason being of course, in the quality of the collections. This is where most all designer collections with this idea in mind fail, and where, quite frankly, the designer brand itself sustains irreparable artistic damage. You may remember a few years back when designer clothing started to appear at Target? Much to the dismay of the brand-protective garment designers whose labels appeared on the racks. You better believe they went after Target, as their credibility was on the line. No pun intended. There wasn’t much they could do of course, since Target was able to prove that the merchandise was obtained legally.  Now it goes without much thought to say that these designer items were a huge success at Target. This instance began what is now a designer label garment market for the masses. Not much to write home about sadly, as the quality leaves so much to be desired.

P&D Window Fashions JOhn Robshaw Designs

John Robshaw went about designing this collection intelligently. That is not to say that all other designers have gone about their collections unintelligently. Rather what I mean to say is that John had his eye not just on the price point, but on the quality of the end result as well. Nothing is lost in translation here folks. The textiles are just as gorgeous as their much higher priced versions. That is how you know you’ve succeeded with a wide audience collection. When it looks just as wonderful as something you could have spent much more on. Because as my Spanish colleague said best : ” When quality is lacking pretension, it matters not from where it hails. Nor does it, be it of wood or plastic, prohibitive or cheap.” -Luis Galliussi


P&D Window Fashions John Robshaw Sitting

We’ve been quite pleased with each and every project we’ve had the pleasure of utilizing the collection on. From the tiniest pillow to the biggest wall of drapery, every piece a gorgeous work of art. ???????????????????????????????

P&D Window Fashions offers the entire John Robshaw for Duralee collection. Featuring fabrics suitable for drapery and upholstery. Heck, if there’s something you love beyond expression, we’ll design and fabricate a garment out of it for you to wear.

Come in to the gallery showroom or schedule an in-home design consultation to experience the beautiful collection for yourself. Fabrics start at $40 a yard.


P&Dtraditional-bedroom best-of-houzz-2015

We wish to express our gratitude to the good folks at Houzz for honoring us for the third straight year in a row, with the Best of Houzz 2015 Award.

P&D is pleased and honored to be recognized for our beautiful designs, as well as for our well established level of customer happiness. Since 1995, we’ve been offering only the finest in home fashions, and customer care. Thank you, Houzz.

So what exactly is Houzz? And why are they awarding best ofs? Houzz is the leading source for design inspiration used by just about everyone. It’s where designers and home service providers go to post images of their work. These images are available to the general public for use as inspiration in their own remodeling projects.



P&D Structured Canopy

Styles do in fact cycle. Things that have been gone a while, tend to return. Upon their return however, we notice slight changes. These are changes to reflect the actual. The style of the times, the sensibilities of the day.

I remember twenty years ago, bed canopies were quite the “thing” with traditional French design. In high demand with the top interior design talents of the day.

The designs were often strictly French in style. Because the inspiration after all, does come from the French – and their love for beds in a niche. The designs books of the 1990s all showed beautiful French rooms, often with bed canopies.

My bible back then was a book entitled Decorating in The French Style. I can remember a handful of times I had to kindly, even if nervously, pry the book away from more than once client. This was before the internet and when books were still the best source for design inspiration.

Then in the late 1990s, a design shift occurred. Bed canopies slowly became passe. Requests came in less frequently. Things were moving into  “beachy” realms, the Shabby Chic style. We were drawn to less ornate, more casual. I guess we as a nation tired of the formal stuff for a while.

Now then, fast forward to 2014 and with the reintroduction of Hollywood Regency styling by talents such as Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler, et al., the formality of things, the luxury of neat and tidy, of layered design and beautiful geometric patterns, is bringing back a reinvented bed canopy. Even catalog heavy companies such as Restoration Hardware want in on the trend, and are helping to promote this design element, by offering their own line of bed canopies and coronas ( A Corona is an ornate wood carved canopy, that installs to walls or ceilings, from which drapery panels are then dressed around the head of the bed ).

P&D Window Fashions draped canopy


The bed canopies of the moment are less ornate than those from the prior generation. Fabrics are often less formal. Solid colors, wood block patterns or geometric prints are absolute favorites. The rooms also no longer need to even hint at anything French. We are seeing bed canopies incorporated into all design styles. From Mid Century Modern, Spanish, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, Industrial,  to more Indian and Moroccan inspired bed rooms. Each designed to fit the individual design style into which they are to be installed.

The cool thing about it I’ll tell you, is that one thing remains the same: We install bed canopies in our homes because they bring us joy. They bring us just as much joy today, as they did decades ago.





You may remember Thom from the hit TV Show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The show about a group of stylish gay men, that would nab a style-starved straight fellow for a day, and revamp his presentation.

If I recall correctly, there were four guys. Each of the four would provide something of value: a cooking lesson, a personal grooming class, some culture, and Thom would redesign the house. ThomFiliciabyP&DWindowFashions

Thom was actually quite good, as TV designers at the time went. I remember always liking his end results, and every space always liveable. Classy, yet nothing stuffy or too pristine.

Well, as it turns out, Thom is now a super star in the world of interior design. His flair for comfortable yet stylish interiors caught on, and Thom has been busy designing a new fabric line.

The fabric line has recently been released, and P&D is pleased to include it in our 2014 Designer Fabrics Collection. Fabrics for upholstery, bedding, and yes – drapery. Come in and check it out, or see it in your own home with the convenience of our In-Home consultations.




P&D is grateful and honored to be voted Best of Houzz for the second year in a row. Many thanks to our loyal clients and to the Houzz community, for the recognition.

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