Over the years, our clients have improved our product offering by requesting more from us. We have happily obliged in several areas: flooring, lighting, custom furniture, etc.

As our clientele grows, so do the needs for quality, affordable, American-Made furniture. P&D partners with trusted manufacturers, that know their business, and know quality.

Bassett furniture has been around a very long time, longer than any living person. Their rigorous attention to detail has kept many people that purchased products from them, happy for years, and earned their respect as well as continued business.

From upholstery products to beds, side tables, dining sets and cabinets, Bassett has something for everyone, at affordable price points.

A family company, just like us, we understand their vested interest in delivering on their promises.

To experience the Bassett furniture collection, schedule an appointment with your local P&D designer today.


Even after all these years in the field, and inspecting more than a million fabrics, I continue to enjoy the time I spend checking out the latest fabric collections — fresh off the mills.

The things I look for in fabrics, are originality, complexity of manufacture, (ie. weave, color, texture, scale, weight), and methods of responsible manufacturing, if any.

Recently, while meeting with  my friends at Robert Allen, I was given the opportunity to experience their latest fabric collection: Gilded Color.

Inspired by the classic 1930’s, the Jazz Age, and the Art Nouveau design period, this fabric collection is all about having fun. That’s the name of the game after all is said and done, right?

The fabric quality is what an old pro would expect from Robert Allen – top. The designs are all new, and all exclusive. It takes a great deal of talent, and other resources to be able to produce truly exclusive fabrics. There have been times when I’ve recognized fabrics labeled as “exclusive”, as fabrics that are shared by various textile manufacturers. Not the case with this collection. If you want a particular print or pattern from this collection, this will be the only place to get it.

The prints are quite pretty, most featuring modern takes on iconic Nouveau graceful forms, metallic accents and light-catching shimmers.



Where would I use the fabrics? The collection has fabrics for every possible use – drapery, upholstery, bedding, etc.

To check out the collection, schedule an appointment with your P&D Designer. You’ll fall head over heels for this one!