Geena Davis

Looking as lovely as ever, Geena Davis is finally moving back into her newly remodeled home, after enduring a more than yearlong construction project.

What began as a rain leak repair, turned into a full home remodel. I mean, why not -right? We actually see this more frequently than not. A small project becoming large, and a large project becoming huge. Its easy to do, and also a ton of fun in Geenas case.

Our sister company, Paint Design Group, was brought on to install gorgeous architectural finishes onto the walls and floors. A hand-prepared lime-wash finish was installed onto the walls, and the floors were a custom finish saltillo tile.
Because Geena values her privacy, we will not share images of her home, but believe you me, it’s a gem.

Lime-wash paints have been around for centuries, but are just now becoming fashionable in the states. Aside from being a naturally occurring zero VOC, environmentally friendly product, the look of lime-wash paints is of a subtle natural pattern. Walls treated with this product resemble colored limestone.

Saltillo tiles are coming back. In their classic finishes, saltillo tiles are often will range in color tones somewhere between shades of orange,red and brown. Our sister company is the only company in the nation producing custom terracota finishes that now permit for their use in all home styles, even modern homes. In Geena’s home, the favorite finish has various easily distinguishable tones – a process difficult to achieve on a porous tile.

The project was completed only a few days before the Golden Globes. We weren’t aware Geena was to present at the ceremony, and she was moving back into the home, a possibly stressful condition. Moving is never fun, so we were quite happy to see Geena radiant, rested and showing no trace of being in the midst of a move.

All in all, a great success. We’re so happy for Geena and thankful to have been chosen to assist with her project.

Oh, just a fun trivia sidenote:

Right before our side of the project at Geena’s house was to commence, the family went on a trip to Bentonville, Arkansas. Upon arrival, Geena’s face was posted along every road in Bentonville. It was eerie! One of those odd coincidences life throws at you now and again. Geena has a film festival in Bentonville. A festival celebrating the creative works of Women in film. The Bentonville Frestival takes place every year in May. Learn more about the film festival, and more about the awesome things Geena Davis is currently working on to empower women everywhere through her various foundations, by visitng their website at:

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